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Did you know that Facebook is the most widely used platform and a powerful tool in social media marketing to reach its intended audience?

With more than 2 billion active users on Facebook ready to interact and become involved in any interesting Facebook content that catches the attention of its user, a marketer can easily boost their product’s visibility on this platform and reach their intended target audience in a short time.

Aside from its vast numbers of users, Facebook’s advantage from other social media platforms is that it is easy to use, user-friendly, intuitive and has flexibility in its video format, which is why this platform is the most preferred social media tool. But you still have to try to learn its features though, for an easy navigation of Facebook.

Another advantage of Facebook is its wide array of tools that are very useful to marketers and business owners to likely reach their target customers, and in case you did not know yet, a lot of these tools are free. Yes, you heard it right, free tools to utilize to help your product or services get to the right audience, to interact and build continuous relationship with them.

Some of these free tools and features are:

  1. Facebook Page – which has messenger chat and appointment scheduling tools to connect with your prospective customers, comment section for customers to give their feedback through writing their reviews and rating of the product or services the marketer or business owner has offered, the page where your products and services offered is being displayed, and a call-to-action button to encourage a positive reply.
  2. Messenger – for free texting and video calling for a seamless and prompt reply of both parties.
  3. Page Like Ads – this amazing tool can be utilised to boost visibility and awareness of your page.
  4. Page Insights – this tool tracks and analyse feedback and reaction from your customers and monitors the demographic profile of your page’s visitors. It can also detect which specific sections of your product’s page people are interested in.
  5. Pages Manager Application – this lets you track activities on various pages through your mobile phone, and lets you update, respond and comment on messages instantly.
  6. Ad Creation Tool – this allows advertisers to be in-charge of the target ads according to the viewers demographic location.
  7. Video Views – this tool can be utilised in creating inciting and outstanding teaser for the viewers satisfaction.

All these tools and some other features of Facebook gives this social media platform an edge over the rest of the digital communications marketing channels.

Nowadays, Facebook is synonymous with internet, and most people check their Facebook newsfeed or messenger first thing in the morning when they get up to try to know what’s going on in the world, and to connect with family, friends and colleagues or to connect to their loyal customers. And Facebook is a great source of infographics and entertainment for its users as you can read and view a wide variety of interesting videos and valuable information at a tap of a button, which is why this platform is the most utilised by marketers and business owners to increase their customer base resulting to the growth of their revenue.